BlackBerry® Business Solutions

"It’s never been easier to get email, attachment viewing, web browsing and instant messaging on the go!"
In today's fast-paced, performance-driven business culture, it is essential to be parallel to the times. There is a rising demand for instant connection and mobility.
BlackBerry® is the wireless solution that allows users to stay connected while maintaining secure, wireless access to email, corporate data, phone, web and organizer features.

Each BlackBerry® handheld offers the most advanced wireless technology. Each BlackBerry® also has an optimal keyboard, thumb-operated track-wheel, easy-to-read backlit screen, intuitive menu-driven interface and integrated software applications.
With BlackBerry®, users can choose the handheld that is most suitable to their needs.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange

BlackBerry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with Microsoft® Exchange and works with existing enterprise systems, enabling push-based, secure access to wireless email and other corporate data.
A component of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is robust software that acts as the centralized link between wireless devices, enterprise applications and wireless networks.

How does the BlackBerry server work: BlackBerry® Enterprise Server uses push technology to automatically route the entire email message to the user’s BlackBerry® handheld, without the user needing to request or download the message. With wireless email reconciliation, read/unread status, deletions and filing can be synchronized wirelessly between a user’s handheld and their PC.

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