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In general terms a computer virus or worm is malicious code that corrupts data by writing over reserved areas of the operating system or attaches itself to other programs.

The worst of these programs ,spyware and malware , are more malicious. Your personal details like e-mail address, credit card number are collected when you fill in forms on the Internet, and that information is sent back to criminals who can resell or use the
information for identity theft.

Spyware has become the most serious threat to corporate networks and has transformed from slightly annoying programs into vicious malware that can completely destroy a computer.Spyware was originally used to collect and send Internet usage statistics to serve in polling. Unfortunately it has transformed into very complicated software that can manipulate your PC in such ways as: change setting, visit dangerous websites, blindly install malicious software, and collect and send out personal information. Malware programs can turn infected PCs into slaves, allowing the attacker full control without a user’s consent. This technique is used to send out massive amounts of SPAM. Even the least harmful spyware is hurting the corporate network by generating unnecessary traffic and eating up processor time. This translates into slow connections and hanging PC’s. 

Effective spyware solution should be comprised of two tasks: scan the PC to remove spyware that has already infiltrated the computer, and monitor the PC in real time to keep spyware from installing itself. In order to be effective the anti-spyware program needs to be regularly updated. Let the professionals at Tech Team Manhattan properly configure and maintain your anti-spyware product. Help your PC and your network stay secure, fast and malware free.
Prevention is the best protection against computer vulnerabilities. It is your responsibility to help keep computing resources safe and available for use.

Best practices to help protect your computer from viruses and spyware:

  • Back up your important data
  • Require password to log in to your computer
  • Use a screensaver / screenlock that requires a password to access the computer’s desktop
  • Use file encryption for sensitive files
  • Install all available critical updates and security patches for your operating system(Check weekly for available updates)
  • Buy and install antivirus software
  • Never open unsolicited or unexpected e-mail attachments

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