Email Archiving Solutions

E-mail is an essential tool of business communication. However, heavily used e-mail solution can’t function efficiently without proper management and archiving. E-mail management tool can solve problems with corruption of PST files, regulatory compliances, slowing down of an e-mail client, as well as help avoid storage limit issues, issues with finding old e-mails, problems with effective backup.

There are a number of competitive solutions on the E-mail Management market. Tech Team Manhattan has worked with leading industry providers and implemented mission critical e-mail management solutions for number of our clients. Some of the immediate benefits of E-mail Management/Archiving solution are:

  • Significantly reduce load on the Exchange E-mail servers
  • Reduce or remove company’s dependency on PST files
  • Maintain easily manageable archive of all corporate correspondence
  • Meet compliance and regulation standards (i.e. eDiscovery)

Additionally, centralized e-mail management allows for an automatic e-mail archiving directly into SQL database or NTFS file system. Most solutions provide a web interface and/or a Microsoft Outlook plug-in which makes a search for a 3 years old e-mail a breeze. E-mails can also be easily restored from an archive using the same web interface or a plug-in.

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