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      Tech Team Manhattan's network design services cover multi-vendor networks and management systems. We can provide an analysis of the low-level design of your current network and offer recommendations based on industry best practices.

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Network Design & Implementation

The 21st century demands establishments to design, implement and manage computer networks on a local or wide area. Computer networking is the essential link between people, information, and tools. They allow users to share data resources and applications, easily and efficiently. A well designed network not only improves communications and response times, but also increases internal productivity. Tech Team Manhattan can assist your company to meet your network design and implementation needs.

Whether you are designing a simple switched network or a large scale corporate network with wide area capabilities, we can help minimize the time-consuming process to ensure the success of your deployment. We provide complete design services as well as evaluations of your current system.

We deliver market-leading solutions with superior quality and precision. Trust in our technical excellence and proven reputation to handle any difficult network design project. We will transform your vision to reality. Your company can rely on Tech Team Manhattan to create an expert experience.

The Features and Benefits of Tech Team Manhattan

  • A dedicated team of highly skilled engineers and top design consultants will be working around the clock to serve your needs.
  • All tasks will be approached in a professionally structured fashion, ensuringthe best solutions available.
  • We demonstrate the highest quality product and a comprehensive testing environment using the latest technologies.
  • Technical excellence will be experienced throughout the project’s lifecycle as well as in the efficiency, maintenance, and reliability of the system.
  • We provide Helpdesk support as well as comprehensive management and support for your entire networking needs.
  • We cover a multi-vendor networks and management systems.
  • We provide analysis of your current network and offer recommendations based on best industry practices.
  • Our services are efficient and economical.

Team Manhattan Process

Tech Team Manhattan will employ a ‘ground- up’ approach to network design. We begin by identifying the essential business objectives of your company. We then design according to your company’s specific goals. If further implementation is needed, we have a specially designed task force to do so. All of our network design solutions follow a structured process as follows:

Network Assessment –Tech Team Manhattan will carefully evaluate the goals and objectives of a company’s project including a technical investigation and examination of all current infrastructures.

Expert Level Design - Based on the detailed information gathered during the network assessment, a fabrication of high-level designs will be provided according to the clients' specifications and project goals. The degree of difficulty can vary from a single proven design structure to scenarios involving complex designs with multiple technical, logistical and commercial needs. All designs include a complete technical commentary and jargon-free, business driven reasoning.

Design Approval and Consolidation - All expert level designs are submitted to the client after completion. All aspects including constraints, benefits or potential threats will be presented and clarified. Only after project appraisal and approval will product structuring begin.

Meticulous Design - Each network has a very complicated infrastructure. Implementing it can be a demanding and time-consuming process. A thorough composition is the most crucial detail for any design specifications and configurations to be comprehensive. After completion, a manageable format will help you to examine all complicated tasks within the project.

Testing / Proof of Concept – After a detailed design is agreed and submitted, Tech Team Manhattan can demonstrate the efficiency of the design solution, providing comprehensive testing plans and facilities. All this will occur before any major investments are made, so the risk to your organization will be reduced significantly.

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