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      Tech Team Manhattan's network design services cover multi-vendor networks and management systems. We can provide an analysis of the low-level design of your current network and offer recommendations based on industry best practices.

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Network performance assesment

Network performance has a direct impact on business productivity. Properly measured, planned and managed network delivers best speed, reliability and capacity that is adequate to the nature of the application and cost constraints of an organization. Tech Team Manhattan has developed a number of rigorous testing techniques that enable us to identify any existing issues with the network, as well as future problems due to network expansion.

Our network assessment process has been developed using industry’s best practices, refined by years of hands-on experience and development. Network analysis includes the following:

  • Assessment and analysis of the current network environment and any known performance issues.
  • Measurement, examination and classification of data to identify critical and non-critical traffic across the LAN.
  • Real time monitoring and data capture to identify performance bottlenecks and network problems such as latency, dropped packets, retransmission.
  • Sorting of gathered information in a detailed network performance report. The report will address all the discovered issues on the network by providing detailed recommendations on solving each individual problem.

The benefits of network performance assessment by Tech Team Manhattan include:

  • Clear understanding of your network’s performance issues and their impact on the business process.
  • Comprehensive solutions that will allow your network to reach its full potential.

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